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Unlock the secrets of successful trading with our comprehensive course. From fundamentals to advanced strategies, master the art of profitable trading.

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What we offer

Embark on your financial journey with our courses tailored to different levels. From Layman’s Book, offering beginners a comprehensive understanding of stock market basics, to Trader’s Pick, delving into advanced strategies for mid-level learners. Start building your wealth and financial literacy today.

Layman’s Book (For Beginners)

Learn essential stock market concepts, from basic principles to advanced strategies. Discover the significance of fundamental analysis, charting techniques, and candlestick patterns. Gain insights into financial markets and the importance of investing wisely. Start your journey towards financial literacy and wealth accumulation.

Trader’s pick (For Mid-Level)

"Dive into the financial world with our beginner's course, covering derivatives, option strategies, charting, fundamental analysis, stock analysis, portfolio design, wealth creation, and goal planning, all tailored for a layman's understanding. Start your journey to financial literacy today."

Layman’s Book (For Beginners)

Dive into finance basics with our beginner course covering derivatives, charting techniques, fundamental analysis, and portfolio design. Learn strategies, adjustments, and wealth creation across various asset classes for a comprehensive understanding.

About Mudra Nidhi

Financial literacy is absent in our classrooms and schools, our education system does not enable an individual to become financially independent. This is why Mudra Nidhi has launched a Trading Course for Beginners to Advance.

What students say!

The training content was awesome. Really helpful and enjoyed the classes. Just started baby steps in intraday. Let's see how far it goes.



I purchased the recorded session of training. Nice module and nicely explained. Thank you for the PDFs, they helped me a lot.



Good trainer. I really enjoyed the course and Gaurav Sir really helped me at every step.




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