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7 Tips on Investing in Gold ETFs & Benefits

Investing in gold is one of the most profitable investments that you can make right now. The value of gold in past decades has grown immensely making it a good option for investment.

Gold ETFs are an innovative way of investing in gold where you do not have to physically safeguard the gold but buy Gold as shares like how you would purchase stocks.

Your investment in gold ETFs protects the owners by providing full ownership of the digital gold but without the handling problem that comes with it.

In this article, we will explore 7 tips on Investing in Gold ETFs the benefits of investing in this type of account, and much more.

7 Tips on Investing in Gold ETFs & Benefits

Benefits of Gold ETFs

The following are some of the Benefits of investing in Gold ETFs-

  • Gold ETFs is share market trading asset that can be purchased and sold in the share market easily
  • Investing in Gold ETFs is much more advantageous as compared to physical gold due to additional charges imposed on the Gold ETFs that include making charges, GST, etc.
  • You can diversify your portfolio using the Gold ETF investment and reduce the risk of any losses
  • Storage and security of gold can be challenging but, Gold ETFs are very easy to manage as it not physically hold
  • The investor gets tax benefits for investing in Gold ETFs

7 Tips on Investing in Gold ETFs

Here are the tips on investing in Gold ETFs that will help you make profits out of the investment-

Market Research

Before investing in any institution, you should conduct thorough research on the type of investment you and making and prepare the cost and benefit analysis of the same.

Gold is a commodity that is in high demand and will be in the future because of this nature, gold is also known as God’s currency.

Evaluate Expense Ratios

There are various Gold ETFs for you to purchase and you’ll have to evaluate the expense ratio of the Gold ETFs to best determine the best one amongst them.

The expense Ratio is the cost of owning the ETFs which includes the cost of documentation, marketing, administrative fees, etc.

A lower Expense Ratio means your cost of ownership will be less and a high Expense ratio makes it more expensive to own Gold ETFs.

Consider Liquidity

While purchasing the Gold ETFs, you’ll have to consider the liquidity factor as well. Liquidity is an important factor as it will help you in getting your money out of the Gold ETF instrument.

Diversify Your Holdings

There are various Gold ETFs, and the best strategy to invest in these ETFs is to diversify your portfolio holdings of the Gold ETFs. This way you will protect yourself from any kind of loss and keep your fund protected.

Set Clear Investment Goals

Before starting your investment, you’ll have to set clear goals. Your goals will dictate how much and the entire strategy of the investment. When you invest in Gold ETFs, it becomes extremely important for you to stick by the investment goals.

Monitor Market Trends

The market can be very volatile especially due to local or geopolitical events. If you keep up with the market trends, then you can increase your chances of making good money with your investment even in a bear market situation.

Seek Professional Advice

Understanding and researching about investment can be a tough job, especially for new people, and getting professional advice will be much more beneficial than getting this yourself which could lead to losses.


Investing in Gold ETFs is a great choice as gold is considered to be a safe and secure investment tool. With Gold ETFs, you can also reduce your physical gold handling issues due to virtual stock purchasing.

The added advantage of liquidity with this asset makes it a good option for your investment option. With Gold ETFs, you can diversify your investment portfolio and earn long-term benefits as well.

Whenever we are dealing with trading or stocks, there is always a risk involved but when you diversify your assets with relatively safe assets like Gold ETFs, there will be a reduction in your risk.

Owning physical gold comes with some problems of its own like the high cost of making charges, taxes like GST, Wealth Tax, handling problems, etc. But with Gold ETFs, one can enjoy the benefit of owning gold but without the downsides.