Haryana Bank Holidays 2024

Haryana has 35 bank holidays in the year 2024 excluding the second/fourth Saturday and Sundays. Below is the the month-wise 2024 bank holidays list in Haryana.

January 17, Wednesday, 2024
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
January 22, Monday, 2024
Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
January 26, Friday, 2024
Republic Day
February 14, Wednesday, 2024
Vasant Panchami
February 24, Saturday, 2024
Guru Ravidas Jayanti
March 8, Friday, 2024
Maha Shivaratri
March 23, Saturday, 2024
S. Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day
March 25, Monday, 2024
April 11, Thursday, 2024
Idul Fitr
April 13, Saturday, 2024
April 14, Sunday, 2024
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
April 17, Wednesday, 2024
Ram Navami
April 21, Sunday, 2024
Mahavir Jayanti
May 10, Friday, 2024
Parasuram Jayanti
May 23, Thursday, 2024
Buddha Purnima
June 9, Sunday, 2024
Maharana Pratap Jayanti
June 17, Monday, 2024
Bakrid / Eid al Adha
July 17, Wednesday, 2024
July 31, Wednesday, 2024
Shaheed Udham Singh Martyrdom Day
August 15, Thursday, 2024
Independence Day
August 19, Monday, 2024
Raksha Bandhan
August 26, Monday, 2024
September 7, Saturday, 2024
Haryali Teej
September 16, Monday, 2024
Eid e Milad
September 23, Monday, 2024
Heroes Martyrdom Day
October 2, Wednesday, 2024
Gandhi Jayanti
October 3, Thursday, 2024
Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti
October 12, Saturday, 2024
Vijaya Dashami
October 17, Thursday, 2024
Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
October 31, Thursday, 2024
November 1, Friday, 2024
Deepavali Holiday
November 1, Friday, 2024
State Day
November 15, Friday, 2024
Guru Nanak Jayanti
December 25, Wednesday, 2024
Christmas Day
December 26, Thursday, 2024
Shaheed Udham Singh Jayanti

FAQs on Haryana Bank Holidays 2024

Haryana has 35 bank holidays in 2024.

No. The second and fourth Saturdays are not included in the above list, as the days are by default declared holidays.

We keep updating the bank holidays on this page for Haryana. So the Haryana 2025 holidays will also be posted on this page at the end of 2024.

More About Haryana Holidays 2024

Haryana is a state located on Northern region of India. It has undoubtedly rich culture and heritage. The state was founded in 1966 after separating from Punjab on the grounds of various languages. The state has a rich history which is clear from the fact that in the history it was the part of the Korean region during the time of Mahabharata. Historians found the name of Haryana mentioned in 12th Century AD. The famous war of Mahabharata fought on the land of Haryana specifically in Kurukshetra. The state resides near Aravalli hills, the oldest fold mountains in India. It was once the prominent site during the Vedic and Indus Valley civilization

A Proud State of Players and Athletes

The state has also seen the Battle of Panipat. Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana which also shares with Punjab. Today, Haryana is one of the developed states in India and majorly focus on green revolution. In addition to this, the state has also produced a huge number of athletes which have won Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and even Olympics.

A Hub of IT Companies

Many IT companies are located in Gurugram, Haryana. A huge number of industries are found in cities such as Faridabad, Gurugram, Panchkula, and Dharuhera. Haryana has contributed a lot in agriculture and heading towards a successfully state amongst many others. The economy of the state is dependent on software industry, BPO, automobile industry, retail and agriculture. It is called as an agricultural state and developed with the world-class infrastructure. Also, it has attracted the attention of many from private and public sector. Many notable companies are set up in Haryana such as Maruti Udyog Ltd, Hero, Sony and Alcatel. Besides these names, Haryana has several small-scale industries as well. More than 75, 000 manufacturing plants are there in Haryana where cars, tractors, and motorcycles are produced.

Highly Developed State

With the increase in the development, Gurugram marks the service of large number of industry in Haryana. This city has rise from the small village to the large exclusive city in just 20 years. Gurugram is the hub of large, middle, and large scale companies. The hospitality sector fulfills the international travelers and businesses. A large number of companies have their offices located in Gurugram. The state was once the home to the Bharata dynasty and is one of the reasons India is now known as Bharat.

History of Haryana

The history of Haryana takes us back to Maharashtra and Indus Valley Civilization. Various scholars believe that word Haryana is derived from two Sanskrit words-Hari means God and Aranya means forest. There is a village named Rakhigarhi situated in Hisar has history of 5000 years old and shows the presence of Indus Valley Civilization. Historians believe that evidences are found at the Rakhigarhi village which strongly suggests that Ghaggar Basin is the place where Indus Valley Civilization started and spread to the Indus Valley areas. The two famous sites of Indus Valley Civilization Haryana are Mitathal and Banawali.

Haryana and Its Geography

Haryana is bordered states such as Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the north, and Rajasthan in the west and Uttarakhand in the south. Though, Haryana lies at the end of the Aravalli hills, maximum area of this state is plain where Gurgaon is situated. It is situated between the latitudes 27°39' to 30°35' North and between longitude 74°28' and 77°36' East. Here are the geographical features in Haryana:

  • Yamuna-Ghaggar plain
  • Shivalik Hills to the northeast
  • Plains to the southwest
  • Aravalli mountain in the south

Plant life in Haryana

Most of the flora available in Haryana comprise of thorny shrubs, deciduous forests and thorns due to its dry climate. And in the monsoon season, a few hills and ridges get covered with the green grass. You will find trees such as eucalyptus, Pine, Mulberry, Kikar, Babul and Shisham in this state. The presence of different plants supports producing woods. Some of the plants even have medicinal properties and juicy herbs.

Did You Know?

After the fight with Britishers, Haryana was reorganized and become the part of the Punjab province, and stayed after India attained Independence.

The population of Haryana includes 877 women on every 1000 men meaning poor female to male ratio.

Haryana has largest number of millionaires in the nation.

The state manufactures a huge number of motorcycles, cars, and tractors.

Extensive Irrigation System

Due to amazing irrigation system of Haryana, the state is the leading producer of crops in the nation. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Haryana for large number of residents.

Animal Life in Haryana

There is a huge variety of animals in Haryana which includes monkeys, cats, leopard common mongoose, jackals, Indian fox, neelgai and blackbuck. In fact the forests of Morni Hills and Aravalli Hills consisted of Wild Boars. You can find several species of birds at different Sanctuaries such as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Bhindawas Sanctuary. Elephants are common to see in Kalesar Forest. A variety of birds is a common view which includes Greylag goose, Teal, Bar headed goose, Brahminy duck and common Shelduck, etc. Besides other animals, scavenger and predator birds such as vultures, black kite, tawny eagle, king vulture and greater spotted eagle etc are easily found in forests and plains in Haryana.


Haryana is a tropical climate and lies in the northern plains. The summers are very hot and reach up to 45 degree C. The hottest months of the state are May to July. It receives the heavy rainfall and the winters make the weather cool reaches down to 4-5 Degree C in January. Rainfall appears in months from July to September.


There are several known rivers in the state. Some of these rivers are Yamuna, Ghaggar, Markand, and Sahibi etc.


The Administrative Services in Haryana are in the hands of Governor, the head of state. Governor is appointed as the President of India. The governor appoints the chief minister depending on the majority. And the Governor is appointed for 5 years.

List of Cities in Haryana

The following is the list of cities in Haryana-

  • Ambala
  • Bhiwani
  • Charkhi Dadri
  • Faridabad
  • Fatehabad
  • Gurugram
  • Hisar
  • Jhajjar
  • Jind
  • Kaithal
  • Karnal
  • Kurukshetra
  • Mahendragarh
  • Nuh
  • Palwal
  • Panchkula
  • Panipat
  • Rewari
  • Rohtak
  • Sirsa
  • Sonipat
  • Yamunanagar