Uttarakhand Bank Holidays 2024

Uttarakhand has 20 bank holidays in the year 2024 excluding the second/fourth Saturday and Sundays. Below is the the month-wise 2024 bank holidays list in Uttarakhand.

January 26, Friday, 2024
Republic Day
March 8, Friday, 2024
Maha Shivaratri
March 25, Monday, 2024
March 29, Friday, 2024
Good Friday
April 11, Thursday, 2024
Idul Fitr
April 14, Sunday, 2024
Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
April 17, Wednesday, 2024
Ram Navami
May 23, Thursday, 2024
Buddha Purnima
June 17, Monday, 2024
Bakrid / Eid al Adha
August 15, Thursday, 2024
Independence Day
August 19, Monday, 2024
Raksha Bandhan
August 26, Monday, 2024
September 16, Monday, 2024
Eid e Milad
October 2, Wednesday, 2024
Gandhi Jayanti
October 12, Saturday, 2024
Vijaya Dashami
October 31, Thursday, 2024
November 1, Friday, 2024
Deepavali Holiday
November 3, Sunday, 2024
Bhai Dooj
November 15, Friday, 2024
Guru Nanak Jayanti
December 25, Wednesday, 2024
Christmas Day

FAQs on Uttarakhand Bank Holidays 2024

Uttarakhand has 20 bank holidays in 2024.

No. The second and fourth Saturdays are not included in the above list, as the days are by default declared holidays.

We keep updating the bank holidays on this page for Uttarakhand. So the Uttarakhand 2025 holidays will also be posted on this page at the end of 2024.

More About Uttarakhand Holidays 2024

Uttarakhand is the dwelling place of Gods and Goddesses. The place of holy rivers, pilgrimage places, and a lot more altogether makes Uttarakhand the most visited spot amongst Indians and foreigners. The state is rightly called holy State because of the bewildering scenes and astounding landscapes. It is the hilly region with various popular hill stations such as Nainital, Rishikesh, Auli, and Mussoorie. Uttarakhand has a natural and scenic beauty. Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and the largest hub of various institutions. The temperature lowers down in winters and summers are ideal for everyone. You must visit this place for spiritual wellness, adventure, cuisines, and culture. This article will delineate all important aspects of Uttarakhand which you must have known before. Here are some the details:


Uttarakhand is the place where Kol people had lived once. Kol is the community of Munda language speaking group. In the Vedic era, the Indo-Aryan tribes emerged from northern region and got amalgamated with Kols. It is believed that Pandavas visited Uttarakhand and from there it becomes the abode of Rishis and Sadhus. Garhwal is the first dynasty ruled here and then came Kumaon region. Later in 4th century came Naga dynasty and Katyuri dynasty in 7th and 14th century. In 1791, the Nepalese Gurkha empire became victorious over Kumaon and captured Garhwal too.

Then, Anglo-Nepalese war began in 1816 which caused the re-establishment in Tehri state of Uttarakhand which resulted into removal of Kumaan Kingdom. IN 1947, when India got independence, Tehri gets merged in Uttar Pradesh and composed Kumaon regions and Garhwal. Uttaranchal became famous name as per the suggestion from Bhartiya Janta Party. However, in 2006, the state was renamed to Uttarakhand.


Uttarakhand is dependent on agriculture for its revenue. The most grown crops include Basmati rice, wheat, soybeans, groundnuts, coarse cereals, pulses, and oil seeds. The state is also rich in growing fruits such as oranges, pears, peaches, apples, litchis, and plums. All these fruits help in bringing the huge amount of revenue to the state. Key industries such as tourism and hydropower, and latest developments in IT, ITES, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and automobile industries also enhance in the growth of the economy.


Uttarakhand is the one of the main states in India. It is a major place for the people who follow Hindu religion. People of other religions such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism are also there but Hinduism is the dominant religion. People live in urban as well as rural establishments.

Organic products as well as handicrafts contribute to the economy of the state. Various NGOs and Government help is given to the rural people in selling the products, homestays and article made by hand are prepared. The incredible things can be also be seen in the dances, folk songs etc by rural people.

It is the prosperous state with a lot of traditional events and handicrafts. Women wear mantle kind of dress named Sarong which gets tightened with duppata (Odhni),  blouse and Khorpi. Another popular dress of women includes Ghaghra choli or Rangwali Pichora. Women also adore their beauty with Nath and Galoband. Overall, all the natives and locals adorn the beauty of the state with the lively culture and traditions.


Delicious and lip-smacking food is all we get in Uttarakhand. It serves the food prepared with fresh and pure ingredients. There is no place for adulteration in Uttarakhand food. Chefs serve the food with unique taste which is not available in any other place of India. Uttarakhand’s traditional food is famous all over the nation. It is known for authentic taste and have perfect composition ever.

Some of the nutritious food items eaten in Garhwal includes Chaunsu, Phaana, Thenchwani, Kaafuli, and Kode Ki Roti. And amongst savoury, taste Aalo ka gutka, Bhatt ki Churkani, Dubuk, Bhaang ki Chutney, and Kumaoni Dal Bade. Those who have inclination for sweets can try Baadi, Gulgula, Arsa, Aalo Tuk, Kumauni Raita, and Signori. The food is magical in Uttarakhand.

Art And Craft

The land of Uttarakhand is known for paying homage to artisans and wood carvings. Along with the enchanting sceneries, Uttarakhand has a spectacular inner artist. The palaces as well as the palaces give the example of niche in wooden carvings. Besides this, people of the state also have expertise in jewelry making, candle making, and painting to create attractions. The skills are visible in Aipan murals and Garhwal paintings.

Uttarakhand’s art and craft is consisted of Ringaal handicraft which is preserved by the tribal community. Besides this, Ramban handicraft is also done with hemp and jute which gives evidence to their perfection in crafts. Not only this, art and craft is visible in knitting of the woolen clothes, embroidered cushion covers, curtains, and hand-woven carpets. The candle making adds to the glory and is majorly seen in Nainital. With all this craft, the state becomes one of the remarkable place amongst tourists.

Places to Visit

The state is predominant amongst Hindus due to Hindu pilgrimage. It has a huge number of tourist attractions such as:

  • Ganga Aarti in Haridwar
  • Corbett National Park
  • Rishikesh
  • Nainital
  • Lal Tibba
  • Mussoorie’s Kempty Falls
  • Pitthoragrah
  • Udham Singh Nagar
  • Bageshwar
  • Rudraprayag
  • Dehradun
  • Kasar Devi Temple of Almora
  • Valley of Flowers National Park
  • Char Dham Yatra includes Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri  
  • Snowy hills at Auli
  • Trek to Khalia Top at Munsiyari
  • Tehri Lake Festival

Popular Music Instruments

Some of the local and popular music instruments include Dhol, Damoun, Daur, Dholki, Turri, Thali, Bhankora, Ransinghla, Masakbeen. People sing and dance the folk songs on the tunes of these instruments.


Uttarakhand’s urban life consisted if several modern facilities in schools, hotels, colleges, shopping areas and restaurants. All these places give job opportunities to people to have a standard of living whereas in rural areas, women involve in households, agricultural work, cutting of woods etc.

List of Cities in Uttarakhand

The following is the list of cities in Uttarakhand-

  • Almora
  • Bageshwar
  • Chamoli
  • Champawat
  • Dehradun
  • Haridwar
  • Nainital
  • Pauri
  • Pithoragarh
  • Rudraprayag
  • Tehri
  • Udham Singh Nagar
  • Uttarkashi