Bank of Baroda FASTag Apply Online, How To Recharge Online, Required Documents, etc.

In this column, we will look at the Bank of Baroda FASTag application process, how to recharge, required documents, etc.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is a toll collection system introduced to automate the toll collection at the toll plazas using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification technology).

It is a physical device that gets attached to a vehicle windscreen and whenever you cross a toll plaza, the sensors installed at the toll plaza automatically deducts the toll tax from your FASTag account.

The government of India has made the installation of FASTag mandatory. Any vehicle that does not have a valid FASTag will be charged double toll tax.

Similarly, if the sensors at the toll tax are faulty then, you are entitled to use the toll road for free. The toll tax authorities cannot force the vehicle owners to pay cash for using the toll road.

Bank of Baroda FASTag Apply Online, How To Recharge Online, Required Documents, etc.

How to Apply for BOB FASTag?

The application process for BOB FASTag is very simple and you can do that online. The following are the step by step instructions you can use to apply for BOB FASTag-

  • Visit the official website of BOB FASTag by following this link-
  • Now, click on the BUY FASTag button to initiate the application process
  • An application form will appear, here, you have to fill the application form with the correct details. If you are not a BOB Customer, then you have to upload the Address proof and ID proof.
  • Click on the “I agree” checkbox followed by the Next button
  • Now provide your contact details on the next screen and click on the Next button
  • After clicking on the Next button, a new page will appear where you have to provide your vehicle details.
  • Now, you have to pay the application fee mentioned below
  • After the payment is confirmed, you have to wait for the FASTag device to reach your home
  • After you get the device, you have to paste the FASTag device on the windscreen of your car
  • Now, your FASTag device is ready to use.

Document Required for Application Process

The following are the documents required for the BOB FASTag application-

Individual Vehicle

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Address Proof
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar
    • Voter ID
    • PAN Card
  • ID Proof
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar
    • Voter ID
    • PAN Card

Commercial Vehicle

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Commencement of business certificate/permission letter from the relevant authority (like RBI, ROC, etc).
  • Partnership deed or registration certificate of the firm
  • PAN Card of Proprietor
  • List of Directors with addresses
  • Photo Id of signing authority
  • Address Proof of the Organization
  • Board Resolution/ Letter signed by Director authorizing a person to transact on behalf of the company

How to Recharge BOB FASTag Online?

You can recharge BOB FASTag Online using multiple methods which are as follows-

Using Online Banking-Net, Mobile,

You can use the dedicated FASTag portal by the Bank of Baroda to recharge your FASTag online. the following are the instruction you must follow to recharge BOB FASTag online-

  • Visit the official BOB FASTag portal and log in using your credit/debit card
  • Now, navigate to the recharge tab and enter the amount you want to store in the FASTag account
  • Select the payment method using which you want to initiate the payment
  • After the successful payment, your account will be debited with the amount


You can use PAYTM to recharge your FASTag Account. The following are the instruction that you have to follow to recharge FASTag using PAYTM-

  • Open the PAYTM app on your smartphone and click on the FASTag Recharge button
  • Now, choose your FASTag issuer bank account as Bank of Baroda
  • Enter your Vehicle Number and click on the proceed button
  • After clicking on the proceed button, you have to enter the amount you want to recharge with followed by clicking on the proceed button
  • Now, you have to pay the fee using a Debit/credit card, UPI, Net Banking, etc.
  • After the successful payment, you can start using the FASTag

Using UPI

Bank of Baroda provides FASTag recharge facility using UPI IDs. When you open a FASTag account with Bank of Baroda, your FASTag account also comes with a dedicated UPI ID using which you can recharge your FASTag. The following are the format that you have to use to recharge FASTag using UPI ID-

netc.{Vehicle Registration Number}@barodampay, VRN= Vehicle Registration Number. For eg: [email protected]

or netc.{Chassis Number}@barodampay, For Eg: [email protected]

  • Now, using this format, you have to enter the UPI ID in a UPI App
  • After entering the UPI ID, you have to verify the ID
  • Now, after the verification, you’ll have to enter the amount you want to recharge and click on the apply button
  • Now, enter your 4 digits MPIN and click on submit button
  • After successful payment, your FASTag device is ready to use.

Charges Applicable on BOB FASTag

The following are the charges that are applicable to the BOB FASTag device-

Joining Fee

The following is the joining fee that every vehicle owner must pay for buying FASTag Device-

ParticularsAmount (Rs.)
Tag joining fee*84.74

Refundable Deposit Amount

The following are the application deposit amount (Refundable) that is charged at the time of joining-

Vehicle ClassDescriptionTag Deposit (Rs.)Threshold Amount (Rs.)
5Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle300.00140.00
7Bus 2-axle400.00300.00
8Bus 3-axle400.00300.00
10Truck 2 – axle400.00300.00
11Truck 3 – axle500.00300.00
12Truck 4 – axle500.00300.00
13Truck 5 – axle500.00300.00
14Truck 6 – axle500.00300.00
15Truck Multi axle ( 7 and above)500.00300.00
16Earth Moving Machinery500.00300.00
17Heavy Construction machinery500.00300.00
20Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle200.00100.00

BOB FASTag Customer Care Helpline Number

If you are finding any difficulty in using the FASTag device or any service-related issue then you can contact the customer care of BOB FASTag using BOB FASTag Customer Care Helpline number- 18001034568 or Dial 1033.