Does my Health Insurance Cover COVID 19?

COVID-19 is a pandemic that is assailing most of the world. This deadly disease started in the Wuhan City of China and swiftly spread to the other parts of the biosphere killing people in the lakhs. The symptoms of this disease include dry cough, high fever, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing. It transmits through air, personal contact, proximity to contaminated objects, and exposure to mass gathering. Although a majority of people are asymptomatic or show minor symptoms, a large bulk of the population need short or long-term hospitalization and extensive medical care. This shoots up the therapeutic bills adding further to the trauma of the disease. Hence, it is essential to have the right health insurance coverage along with the right plan to get the best treatments.

Does my Health Insurance Cover COVID 19

Many people want to know if their health insurance policy covers COVID 19 treatment. If the answer is affirmative, people also want to know the amount of coverage that they will be provided. The different insurance companies across the nation have published extensive FAQs on the respective websites to dispel people’s queries regarding COVID 19 coverage. You can go through your insurance supplier’s website to get detail information regarding their policies related to the disease.

No Cover for COVID 19 testing

Isolated diagnostic charges remain uncovered for COVID 19 testing. That is, if you go in for a COVID 19 test, and the result is negative then the test would not be covered. Also, if you go in for a COVID 19 test and the results are positive, but you don’t need hospitalization because you are asymptomatic, then the diagnostic test would not be covered.

However, in the case of a testing that results in a hospitalization of minimum 24-hours, the insurance companies cover the overall expenses of diagnostic charges as well as hospitalization bills. The diagnostic charges are covered under the health policies if the patient is symptomatic and needs to be admitted in the hospital. The insurance policy also covers COVID 19 testing for patients who test positive and subsequently needs hospitalization.

Health-cover Related to Coronavirus Disease in Case of Hospitalization

If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus and need hospitalization for a minimum tenure of 24 hours, then a majority of health insurance companies provide expense coverage under the standard health insurance policies.

No Insurance Cover for Preventive Quarantine

The quarantine or the observation phase that does not require hospitalization for cure is generally left out of the health insurance claim. Nevertheless, in cases where quarantine is needed to be carried out in a government hospital or facility that provides a medical facility which is ideally given out during hospitalization is covered by health insurance policies.

No Added Expenses for Covid-19 Cover

The covid-19 does not require any extra cover. People paying regular premiums for health insurance policies would automatically get cover for COVID-19.

Cashless Facility for COVID-associated Claim

The hospitals associated with a particular health insurance plan would treat you under cashless facility.