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Can I Transfer my SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Branch?

To promote and increase financial inclusion in rural and semi-urban areas, the Government launched a Kiosk model of banking which offers an easy to open bank account facility.

State Bank of India has the widest outreach and offers SBI Kiosk banking services in many rural areas to further increase their outreach.

Kiosk Banking helps an individual in getting all the banking services to his/her reach, however, there are some limitations to the Kiosk banking which makes some users switch from kiosk account to general account opened in SBI Main branch.

In this article, we will discuss, how to transfer an SBI Kiosk account to SBI main branch, but, before let’s find out what I Kiosk Banking.

Can I transfer my SBI kiosk account to SBI branch

What is Kiosk Banking?

Kiosk Banking is a concept where an individual retailer opens a no-frills bank account by taking biometric details like fingerprints, Photographs, etc.

SBI Kiosk Banks are associated with an SBI Main Bank branch, so, when you apply for an SBI kiosk bank account, the retailer submits your application in the associated bank main branch.

The main branch then processes your application and opens your bank account in their branch, you can then access your bank from your kiosk point.

Transfer SBI Kiosk to SBI Main Branch Process

SBI Kiosk accounts are opened with low KYC norms meaning you do not need a lot of KYC documents to open a Kiosk Account, but, a kiosk account comes with limitations like maximum limit transaction, no cheque book facility, no digital banking facility, etc.

If you want to have a full functioning SBI bank account then you would need to complete your KYC process by providing additional documents and details to the bank.

Technically, you cannot open a bank account in the kiosk and main branch at the same time, so you have to close the kiosk account first and request for opening the bank account in SBI Main branch.

The following are the step by step instructions on how to transfer SBI Kiosk account to SBI Main branch account-

  • Write a letter to the bank stating that you want to close the SBI Kiosk account for opening an account in the SBI main branch
  • Now, visit your SBI Kiosk CSP and submit the application, there he/she will process the request by stamping and signing the application form
  • After getting the application form stamped, you’ve to visit the SBI Main branch and submit the application form to the bank representative
  • Now, your request will be processed and your Kiosk account will be closed
  • After your kiosk account is closed, you then have to fill an application form for account opening
  • After filling the form, submit the form along with the documents mentioned below
  • The amount that your SBI Kiosk was holding at the time of closure will be transferred into your new account
  • After your application for a new account has been processed, you’ll be notified by the bank representative about the successful processing
  • Your bank account will be opened on the same day but, your debit card, cheque book, and digital banking access will be provided after 7 working days
  • You’ll receive a debit card, Digital Banking login details, and cheque book via post
  • Now, you can activate your SBI digital Banking, generate SBI ATM PIN to use the digital banking services provided by SBI
  • Your bank account has successfully transferred from SBI Kiosk account to SBI Main bank branch account

Documents Required for Opening your SBI Bank Account

The following are the Documents required for SBI Bank Account opening-

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter’s ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • 2 passport size photograph