How to Activate Net Banking in UCO Bank?

Nowadays every bank provides net banking services to customers. Net Banking is the basic element of any digital banking infrastructure.

With the introduction of digital banking, the number of customers visiting the bank has reduced significantly as the majority of the banking services can be availed via digital means.

If you have an account with UCO Bank then you can also avail of the digital banking services from UCO bank.

In this article, we will discuss how to activate net banking in UCO bank, Registration process, activation, etc.

How to Activate Net Banking in UCO Bank

Register for UCO Bank Net Banking

The very first step towards activating the net banking in UCO bank is to register for the UCO Bank net banking. When you register for net banking, your net banking account will be activated from the back end.

While opening the bank account, you’ll be given the option to activate the net banking but, if you’ve not done this then you can simply follow these steps and have your net banking account enabled-

  • Visit your UCO Bank branch where you’ve maintained your net banking account
  • Now, ask the bank executive for the account updating form
  • After getting the form, you’ll have to fill the form with details like name, address, account details, etc. followed by ticking on all the services that you want to activate like net banking, UCO Bank mobile banking, SMS banking, etc.
  • After filing the form, submit the form to the bank executive and also showcase any of your Identification KYC documents i.e. PAN card or Aadhar Card
  • Now, the bank executive will review your form and process it to begin the registration process
  • After successful registration, you’ll be notified about the

How to Activate Net Banking in UCO Bank?

The following are the steps to activate net banking in UCO Bank which you’ll have to follow-

  • Visit the official net banking portal of the UCO bank and click on the register button
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll have to enter your account number followed by the continue button
  • After clicking on the continue button, enter any one of your last 5 transaction amounts and what was the transaction type- Credit or debit
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number which you’ll have to enter in the given field
  • After entering the OTP, you’ll have to enter the debit card details in the next step and click on the continue button
  • Now, in the next step, you’ll have to create your own login password and transaction password
  • After creating your password successfully, your activation for the net banking has been done and you can now use the UCO Bank net banking using the login credentials you’ve just created

Important Instructions

The following are the important instructions that you’ll have to keep in mind while activating the UCO Bank Net Banking-

  • The transaction password and login password should be different and strong
  • You should use letters both capital and small case along with numbers and symbols to make your password strong and unpredictable
  • While visiting the bank branch for registration, you’ll have to carry an Aadhar card or PAN card along with a xerox copy of the same


Is UCO Bank Net Banking safe?

Yes, UCO bank net banking is safe and easy-to-use online banking service, however, the problem or chances of unauthorized access is only done from the customer side. You’ll have to follow some basic cyber security guidelines to keep your bank account safe like never sharing your bank password with anyone and keeping your bank password difficult yet can be remembered by you.

What if I forgot my Net banking password?

If you’ve forgotten your net banking password then you can reset the password by opening the login panel of your net banking portal and clicking on the forgotten password button. You can then follow the instruction displayed on the screen to further reset your password.

Can we find the bank balance of our account using the UCO Bank Net Banking?

Yes, you can find the bank balance of your UCO bank Account by logging into your account and clicking on the account summary tab. Your bank balance will be displayed there. Apart from net banking, there are also various other methods using which you can find the bank balance of your account like mobile banking, SMS banking, UCO bank Missed Call Number, etc.  

While logging in, the net banking asks for the username. How to find out the username in UCO Bank Net Banking?

You can find the Username of your account which is used to login to your account in your bank passbook, cheque book by the name of the User ID. It is a Unique ID issued by the bank to you and you can use this id to access your bank account.