How to Apply for Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag?

FASTag is an important device that is used to pay for the toll tax while transiting through a toll plaza. The FASTag uses RFID technology and allows an online toll payment option.

The Government of India has made the use of the FASTag a compulsory requirement otherwise the toll price charged by you for toll tax will be doubled.  

Since the FASTag device is a compulsory device for installation, therefore, you’ll have to apply for the FASTag device.

You can apply for the FASTag device in any of the banks including the Government of India banks. One of the prominent banks that allow the opening of the FASTag device are Punjab and Sind Bank.  

In this article, we will discuss how to apply for the Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag. Documents Required, features, etc.

How to Apply for Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag

Features of FASTag Device

The following are the features of the FASTag devices

  • It offers ease of payment for the services using online means
  • The stoppage timing is very low when one uses the FASTag device
  • You can save your fuel and time using the FASTag device by reducing the time taken for paying for the FASTag device
  • Dedicated FASTag management portal where you can find the spending information, payment information, etc.
  • SMS notification will be sent from your registered mobile number which will keep you updated about the FASTag device

How to Apply for the Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag?

The following are the step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag devices-

  • Visit the nearest Punjab and Sind bank branch and ask the bank employee for the FASTag device application form
  • Now, you’ll have to fill the application form with details like name, address, contact details, Registration details, etc.
  • After filling out the registration form, submit the form along with the documents mentioned below
  • The bank representative will review your application and the documents also, make sure to deposit the initial FASTag opening amount as well
  • After approval of your application, you’ll be notified about the successful opening of your FASTag account via SMS
  • After receiving the SMS, within 7-8 working days, you’ll also receive the FASTag device at your postal address via Speed post
  • After receiving the device, you can install the FASTag device on your vehicle and start using it.

Documents Required for FASTag Device

The following are the documents required for the FASTag device-

  • Duly filled FASTag application form
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Punjab and Sind FASTag Application form filled (offline method only)
  • passport size photograph of the Vehicle owner
  • KYC Documents like Aadhaar Card, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.
  • If you have a commercial vehicle then you’ll have to provide documents related to your business as well

Charges Required for FASTag device

The following are the charges required for the FASTag device-

NPCI Vehicle ClassDescriptionThreshold amount Loaded into Customers WalletRefundable Security Deposit
4Car/Jeep/Van (VC4)200.00200.00
4Tata Ace and similar mini light Commercial vehicle (VC20)200.00200.00
5Light Commercial vehicle 2-Axle (VC5)200.00300.00
5Mini-Bus (VC9)200.00200.00
6Bus 3-Axle (VC8)300.00400.00
6Light Commercial vehicle 3-Axle (VC6)300.00400.00
6Truck -3 Axle (VC11)300.00500.00
7Bus 2-Axle (VC7)300.00400.00
7Truck -2 Axle (VC10)300.00400.00
12Truck -4 Axle (VC12)300.00500.00
12Truck -5 Axle (VC13)300.00500.00
12Truck -6 Axle (VC14)300.00500.00
15Truck Multi Axle(7 and above) (VC15)100.00500.00
16Earth Moving Machinery (VC16)300.00500.00
16Heavy Construction Machinery (VC17)300.00500.00


How to Install the FASTag device on your vehicle?

You can install the FASTag device on your vehicle’s windshield. After receiving the device, peel off the sticker from the device and go inside your vehicle, now, on the windshield paste the device such that the device is visible from the outside.

What is the validity of the FASTag device?

The FASTag device has lifetime validity and can be used until the validity of the vehicle or the device has been damaged.

How to Recharge the FASTag device?

You can recharge the Punjab and Sind Bank FASTag device by using the dedicated portal for the FASTag. You can also use the PayTM or other online recharge portal to recharge your FASTag device. One of the USPs of the FASTag device is that you can recharge your FASTag device using the UPI Id.

What if the scan at the toll plaza is not working?

If the scanner at the toll plaza is not working then the toll operator will have to let you pass through the toll plaza without paying for anything. The Government of India has mentioned categorically that the toll plaza is responsible for the non-working of the Scanner and toll plazas cannot force customers to pay in cash.