How to Check PAN Card Status?

PAN Card is a very important document that provides the cardholder to use different financial services. PAN stands for Permanent Account Number which is used whenever a high-value transaction is carried out or when filling for the Income-tax Returns. It is also used as an identity card for the card-holder. PAN card contains alphanumeric codes generated which remain the same for the person for a lifetime. In this article, find different methods that you can use to find the status of the PAN Card.

Check PAN Card Status using UTIITSL Portal

You can track your PAN card status using the UTIITSL Portal if you have applied using this portal. If you have not applied for PAN using this method then you cannot use this method to find the PAN Status. You can follow these steps to find the status of the PAN Card-

  • Visit the Online PAN tracking portal by UTIITSL using this link
  • At the time of application, you will be provided with a PAN Card token number or PAN Card Number if you got your number
  • Fill the Date of Birth /Incorporation / Agreement / Partnership or Trust Deed / Formation of Body of Individuals / Association of Persons followed by the filling of the Captcha and press Submit
  • The status of your PAN Card will be displayed

Check PAN Card Status NSDL Portal

IF you have applied for the PAN Card using NSDL Portal then you can track the application of PAN Card using the following steps-

  • Visit the NSDL PAN Status Tracking using the link
  • Select the type of application to PAN Card
  • Now enter the Acknowledgement number that you have received during the time of application
  • Enter the code and click Submit
  • Your application status for PAN Card will be displayed on the screen

Check PAN Card Status India Post Website

The PAN Card will be sent to you using the India Speed Post which can be tracked using the online portal of the India Post. After the Generation and printing of the PAN Card, you will be notified with the PAN Application status with the tracking ID of the India Post. After getting the Consignment ID you have to follow these steps to track your PAN card-

  • Visit the online portal of the India Post status tracking using this link
  • Enter the Consignment ID followed by solving the expression
  • Click on the Search button
  • The application status for PAN Card will be displayed on the screen