UPI in France: Soon UPI can be used in France

France and India recently signed an agreement where France would accept the UPI Payment system along with the Rupay card.

After UAE, Nepal, Bhutan, and Singapore, NPCI has now penned down an agreement that will globalize the UPI in the true sense.

France has become the first country in Europe to embrace the UPI solution. Digital payments in France are very limited and lack efficiency which is a much-needed factor in digital payments.

With the internationalization of UPI, you can use UPI anywhere you want beyond the borders. There are a lot of Indian diasporas in Europe and providing them access to the UPI will boost both India’s well as the partner country economy and convenience.

In this article, we will discuss how to use UPI in France, Why UPI is going global, etc.

UPI in France Soon UPI can be used in France

Why UPI is Going Global?

The primary reason for India taking UPI Global is purely Geopolitical reasons. By creating a UPI channel, India will be able to bypass any financial or geopolitical pressure created toward its economy.

India is a country that receives a huge number of remittances every year and by establishing UPI networks, the ability to receive remittances becomes very easy and without any barrier.

Earlier, you could only use Western Union or PayPal to send the money however, with UPI Global, you can bypass all of them and send money directly also, an individual can avoid transfer fees as well because UPI has been kept free by the NPCI.

How to Use UPI in France?

You can use UPI in France through BHIM UPI app only as it is NPCI’s app hence, UPI Global can only be accessed through BHIM UPI. You can follow this step-by-step process to use the UPI system in France-

  • Open the BHIM UPI app and login to your account using your login credentials. If you’ve not signed up for BHIM UPI app then you must sign up for it first
  • After logging in, click on the upper left corner of the app with the bank’s logo
  • You’ll be redirected to a section where you’ll find the list of banks here, you’ll have to click on the bank that you want to use for transactions in France
  • Now, you’ll find various options from which you’ll have to click on the UPI Global
  • After clicking on UPI Global, you’ll have to enter the MPIN to enable the UPI Global
  • After successfully enabling the UPI global, you’ll be able to use the UPI in France


Can I use UPI in France?

Yes, you can use UPI in France by connecting your bank account with the UPI.

Does UPI work outside India?

Yes, UPI works outside India in partner countries like France, the USA, the UK, Bhutan, Nepal, etc.

Is UPI an alternative to SWIFT Payment System?

Yes, UPI is an India-backed alternative to SWIFT Payment Service. It can be used for transferring funds using the UPI network.

How NRIs can use UPI for remittances?

NRIs can link their NRE/NRO accounts with UPI and can transfer funds with UPI network.