Traffic Signs Chart (PDF Download)

Breaking traffic rules could attract heavy fines, imprisonment, or disqualification of driving license temporarily or permanently. After amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act in 2019, the penalty for violating traffic rules has become more costly.

Driving has now become a basic necessity especially when you can not be dependent on public transport for your daily tasks. Since driving is such an important task for an individual, having the knowledge of the Traffic Chart and Traffic Signal will help you not only pass the license test but also will help you save traffic violation penalties and ultimately stay safe.

Vehicle accidents have become very common simply because people do not follow the traffic rules or simply they cannot decode the traffic signs which results in an accident. In this article, we will discuss the Road Safety signs, Traffic Signs Chart, PDF Download on Traffic Signs, etc.

Basics of Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs come in various shapes, forms, and sizes but can be differentiated based on the shape of the traffic signs. There are three shapes of Traffic Signs providing different information, which are as follows-

  • Circles give Mandatory Orders- Come in Red and Blue or a Combination of both
  • Triangle warns – Used for Cautionary Signs and comes in Red and Blue
  • Rectangles Inform- Provides Information Related to the Road, direction, location, or other relevant information. The color code used in these signs is Blue and Green.

The Meanings Behind Traffic Sign Colors

Traffic Signs come in many different colors and each color symbolizes something that. The following are the colors and associated meanings of that color in the Traffic Rules and Road Saftey-

RedRed colour is clearly visible and brings in attention of your directly to the signs and therefore, is used for stating to do or not to do signs.
Orange and YellowOrange and Yellow are usually used for traffic signals where there is temporary or permanent hazard like construction work, pedestrian-heavy areas, etc.
Green, Blue and BrownGreen, Blue and Brown are used for information purposes where the motorists have to be informed about the direction, fuel, hospital location, etc.
Black and WhiteGreen, Blue, and Brown

Types of Road Safety Signs

Road Safety sign Chart can be divided into three Primary parts and are as follows-

Mandatory Signs Traffic Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Traffic signs are that sign that has to be followed while driving the vehicle. Failing in following the sign will result in punishment according to the law. No vehicle operator should violate this guidance as this will be hazardous for the safety of the vehicle operator.

Mandatory Traffic Signs

Caution Traffic Signs

Caution Traffic Signs are provided to the driver to inform the driver of the road condition which will help him in handling the vehicle according to the condition of the road. Traffic Caution Signs are provided to the driver to inform the driver of the road condition which will help him in handling the vehicle according to the condition of the road.

Caution Traffic Signs

Informatory Traffic Signs

Informatory Traffic Signs are the information providing signs which will tell the user about the distance, Petro Pump location, Rest Room location, food joint, and much more.

Informatory Traffic Signs

Download Traffic Sign Chart in PDF Format

You can download Traffic Sign Chart in PDF Format to learn the traffic signs. Keeping a Traffic sign Chart in PDF on your mobile or laptop will help you in learning even better. You can also print the PDF File to have a hard copy of the Traffic Sign Chart. The download link for the PDF Format of Traffic Sign is provided below-

Traffic Signs Chart PDF Download

Question Bank for Computer Learner License Test

If you are reading this article then you are most probably preparing for the Learner license test which will ask extensively about the function of various signs. While giving the Learner license Computer Test, the question includes identifying the sign, answering some questions related to driving, and general road safety. Download the below PDF for questions asked during the Learner license Computer Test.

Question bank for Computer Learner License Test PDF

UPDATES (1 October 2020)

Important Changes in Motor Vehicle Act

The use of mobile phones or other handheld devices is permitted but only for map navigation purposes. It should be used in such a way that does not affect/disturb driver concentration.

No need to carry Physical Documents like DL/RC/Insurance/PUC Certificate. Owners can store them on Digilocker or m-parivahan and produce them online when asked.

If documents is stored electronically on Digilocker or m-parivahan, the authorized officer shall not ask for physical documents including in the case of offense made by the driver where there is a necessity of document seizure.

In case of offense made by a driver where there is a necessity of document seizure, the authorized officers can seize documents electronically and issue acknowledging receipt.