How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License?

Driving License is a document that provides the cardholder with the right to operate the vehicle. The vehicle is a very useful tool for transportation and can provide the comfort of traveling but at the same time, it can be fatal especially on the hands of an unprofessional driver. So there is a proper license system provided by the Government that provides the person right to drive a vehicle.

Driving license is a piece of document which can be easily lost or can be misplaced and this can result in you not being able to operate the vehicle. To solve this problem of lost driving license you can apply for the duplicate issue of your driving license from the RTO Office of your region. You can apply for the duplicate driving license without giving all the driving tests again which was time-consuming and problematic sometimes. In this article, we will discuss the document required and procedure to follow for filling for the duplicate license.

Document Require for Duplicate Driving License

The following are the documents that are required for applying for the duplicate driving license-

  • Application Form LLD (for intimation of loss or destruction of driving license and application for duplicate)
  • A First Instance Report (FIR) or NCR of the license ( lost or stolen)
  • Original Licence (For damaged)
  • Attested photocopies of the original driver’s license (in case the same is lost).
  • Details of the Driving Licence
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Address Proof
  • Age proof

Procedure for Applying for a Duplicate Driving License

The procedure for applying for the duplicate Driving License is available both online and offline. Applying online is the easiest method for applying for a duplicate driving license and is widely used throughout the country as compared to the offline method. The following are the procedure that has to be followed by you in order to apply for the Duplicate Driving License-

Online Method for Applying Duplicate Driving License

  • Visit the official sarthi service portal and select the state you are applying from
  • Now select the RTO office if prompts to
  • Click on the Apply Online tab and select “Services on Driving License”
  • Click on the continue on the next page
  • Now the page open which ask you for DL Number, DOB, state and RTO Office selection
  • After filling the details click on the submit button and you license detail will appear verify it and click on the proceed
  • Now a page with many options will open you have to tick the Issue of the Duplicate License and click on the proceed
  • Now select the reason for the applying for the duplicate license and click on confirm
  • The screen will get refreshed and a message will be written “Data Accepted Successfully”
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will have to tick the declaration and click on the submit button and fill the captcha
  • An SMS On the registered mobile number will be sent and the form for a duplicate license will be generated, download the form
  • Now you have to pay the Fee along with the slot booking for the RTO Office visit
  • Visit the RTO office with the form along with the above mentioned documents
  • After the process of the license, you will be provided with the duplicate driving License

Offline method for Applying Duplicate Driving License

  • Download the LLD form and fill it will appropriate details
  • Visit the RTO Office along with the above mentioned documents and provide the RTO representative with your details and the prescribed fee
  • After the processing of the document, you will be initiated and the duplicate driving license will be sent to your address via post.

FAQ on Duplicate Driving License

What will be the validity of the Duplicate Driving License?

The validity of the Duplicate Driving License will be the same as of the original license

Do I have to Do I apply for Duplicate Driving License on the same RTO Office where my Original Driving License is from?

Yes, you have to apply on the same RTO Office for duplicate license

Do I Need to Give the Driving Test Again For Applying for the Duplicate Driving License?

No, you do not need to give the license test again

Can I apply for the learner license?

No you cannot apply for the learner license. In case you have lost your learner license then you are required to give the learner license again.